We are committed to meeting a high standard of conscientious care for the 4-legged family members you entrust to us.

Pet Lodging

Your dog deserves to receive professional, loving care. We offer a variety of lodging and activity options to suit all breeds, ages and temperaments.

We’ve got what your kitty needs while you’re away — privacy, playtime and pampering.


Are you a busy person? Is your pet left bored and home alone for long periods of time? Then you need to sign him/her up for our Doggie Day Care. Don’t let your loved one chew through all of your shoes and, instead, let your pet enjoy exciting, fun-filled “playdates” with lots of other canine friends while you’re away.



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Dog Training

Whether you sign-up for our In-Lodge Training, or our One-On-One Private Seminar, both you and your pet will learn about canine behavior and enjoy the fun and peace of mind that comes with professional dog training.



If your pet needs a bath, a toenail clip or ear cleaning, our professional trained staff will be glad to take care of all their grooming needs.