“Like many other people I own a dog. In fact there have been dogs in my family my whole life. Since 1986 I have relied on Manuel Villanueva for all of my dog training needs. This has included obedience and corrections of specific behavior problems. I have always been very pleased with the results. I have also had the privilege of working with dogs. I handled working Police dogs for about thirteen years as well as supervising a Police Canine Unit. Mr. Villanueva was the departments’ official dog trainer. The dogs that I worked with and around were always highly trained and outstanding representatives for the profession. I believe that this was as a result of the knowledge and professionalism of Mr. Villanueva. I have and will continue to recommend, without reservation, Mr. Villanueva to anyone looking for a dog trainer.“
— Richard Browning, Sergeant, Oceanside Police Department (Retired)
“I just want to thank you for the excellent training we received. Your professionalism and dedication to helping families to train their dogs is unparalleled. We are continuing to work with the tools you have given us to make Colt a well-behaved and good mannered pet. Thank you for your commitment to helping us with our new family member. Blessings.“
— Julie and Chris Boyd


“I have been taking my dog, Toto, to the Oceanside Pet Hotel for 5 1/2 years. The staff is outstanding. Toto has so much fun at the doggie daycare, she is so tired when we pick her up. I have tried several other doggie daycare places but Toto doesn’t show the excitement she shows us anywhere other than the Pet Hotel. Keep up the great work.”— John and Toni Soucy
“Schatz has been coming to Day Care for 8 years. We love the staff who seems to care about her a much as I do. When we turn off Mission Ave every morning, she gets excited and watches out the window. When she sees Larry, her little tail wiggles so fast! I know she loves the Day Care and I can go to work and not worry about her’
-Karen Olasen